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 Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Hasenritter


Conflicts with minorities in the West German party system. An empirical study. Heidelberg 1981. 214 Pages

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Administration in The Gambia - A West African Case. Gelsenkirchen 1988.133 Pages.

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Several surveys for development projects of GTZ.

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Functionality of typical software products in Public Administration and future market potentials, Gelsenkirchen 1993, funded by Siemens-Nixdorf.

Cost-Effective-Study for a Mainframe or LAN-based technical environment in the Treasury of the Turkey, together with Ali Saatci and David Savage, Ankara 1995, funded by GTZ.

Public Administration Modernisation in Turkey, Ankara 2001, funded by European Union.

Educational Needs Analysis for E-Government at the University for Applied Sciences in Public Administration, Hagen 2008, funded by the University,



Computer software:

Application of the West German Social Welfare Act. Together with H.-D.Lübbert, J.Müller, Hagen 1985-1989, 1994.

Membership data administration for Jamaica`s Manufacturers Association. Together with J.Müller. Kingston 1989.

Debt Management System for Turkey.Together with A.Atalay, Leon and numerous colleagues from the Turkish Treasury. Ankara 1993-1996

Electronic processing of Membership applications for Istanbul Chamber of Industry. Together with N.Amalio, H.Akin. Istanbul 2000

Electronic processing of postal entry and exit for Istanbul Chamber of Industry. Together with N.Amalio, H.Akin. Istanbul 2000

Workflow Optimisation in Public Administration. E-Learning Product. Hagen 2003


Scientific articles:

Problems of regional economic development.

Die demokratische Gemeinde 12/1975, 1/1976.

Central control of local government investments.

Die demokratische Gemeinde 12/1978. Together with Hans Eichel.

Criteria for local and regional economic development

Der Mittler 1979. Jahreszeitschrift für Industriekontakt und kommunale Planung.

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Tasks and financial requirements in the Greater Kassel Area.

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People-centered administration. Verwaltungsrundschau 3/1979; Together with Hans Eichel.

The political rights of immigrants in the West German Constitution. Verwaltungsrundschau 1/1981.

Perspectives of local self government in the Eighties.

Verwaltungsrundschau 12/1981.

Testing of The University of Kassel.

abi 1979. Together with B.Faulstich, H. Scheidig, H. Wegener.

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Sanctions against party members in democratic political parties. ZRP 4/1982.

Actual conflicts with minorities in the West German party system. Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte B 14-15 1982.

Personal computers in the local administration. Verwaltungsrundschau Heft 8, 1986.

Electronic Data Processing in social administration. Together with J.Müller, VOP 2 und 3, 1986.

PC-based local administration. Research project is expected to bring more clearness. Together with J. Müller, Computerwoche Nr. 1/2, 1987.

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Technical support of administrations in the year of 2000.

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E-Learning and Education for Public Administration. VuM 3/2004.

Promote E-Government with new Education Targets Innovative Administration 9/2010.


Important Lectures:

World Congress of the Institutes of Public Administration 1983

German Association of private of public welfare 1986

German Association for Efficiency in Local Administration 1987

German IBM-Forum Research and Public Administration 1987

German-Swedish-Workshop to problems of Man-Machine-Interaction 1988

World Congress for Computers in social work 1988

German Association for the welfare of workers 1989

Software for the working conditions of tomorrow - Conference of the German Ministry of Research and Technology 1989

Methods and Instruments of Macroeconomic Management - Conference of Macroeconomic Government Advisors of the GTZ 1991

Reorganization and Computerization in the Treasury of the Turkey - European Congress of Public Administration 1993

The TurkTIS-Project - Conference of the Government Advisors of the GTZ 1996

Economic Transformation and the Role of Chambers:The Turkish Case. GTZ-Conference with participants from the MEDA-countries - Algier 2001

Cohererence in Local Government. Turkey Conference with assistance from the EU - Ankara 2003